Advanced online Microblading training

If you have already completed a microblading beginners course at any microblading academy and want to advance your microblading skills to a new level, this is the right course for you. You will learn hyper-realism, shading and the combination of the two.


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This course is intended for all microblading artists that have completed and been certified by their chosen training provider (copy of Certificate required). It includes the same theory and video material as our live advanced course. The only difference is that there is no live demo and first hand supervision with our trainer, and you can do the course at home, whenever you want to.

Important note: You will not be able to see all the units, as they unlock after completing each section of the lesson.


The course lasts for 6 months with our trainer on the other side of the computer. Our trainer assesses the student’s work,  encourages progress and helps to correct errors.

It includes an advanced kit worth OVER 350 EUR (3 boxes of high quality disposable U-blades (30 pcs), 60 pcs blades for shading, 1 pcs LED Phone Ring light, 5 pcs artificial skin (practicing mats), 2 pcs pencils for drawing shape, 1 pcs Combo Holder, 1 pcs Golden Ratio Compass, USB stick).


The theory part includes:

  • Introduction to the 4 different advanced patterns
  • learn how to create perfect finer hair strokes
  • learn how to use different blades
  • introduction to shading technique
  • combination technique with hairstrokes and shading
  • learn how to use blades for shading



This course will take a lot of your time, but you have to have an understanding that microblading is art and you cannot learn it overnight. You must be aware that a lot of exercises on artificial skin will be required. It all depends on your talent and your will how much time you will take. Some students finish the course in one month, and some do not complete it. The entire microblading course is not easy.




This course in NON REFUNDABLE from the moment it is activated.


Assignments are designed to teach you everything gradually and you cannot find out for the final work, for the sake of the security of your customers, until you finish all the previous required lessons. Each assignment will need to be done and repeated until complete and dedicated teacher on the other side will decide when it is – of course, everything is corrected and commented. If the assigned assignment does not meet our standards, the teacher will NOT confirm it.


Image requirements:

You need to send in clear pictures, your work must be clearly seen to be analyzed correctly. all assignments must be completed in accordance with the given instructions and requirements. If your assignment does not meet the requirements, you will be asked to repeat it until perfect.


Online trainer:

A trainer will be assigned to you after your registration. Your online trainer is available for any tips, help or questions. All messages to your trainer are answered during work hours or in 24 hours.


By purchasing the course you have read and agree with the assignment requirements specified below. An agreement is also sent to you after registration and purchase that must be signed and sent back before your account is activated and before you start with the course.



After you complete all your assignments on paper and artificial skin, treatment video demonstrations will become available. The course may take months to complete if it is done as an additional activity combined with work or school.

Your works must be submitted after the lesion requires you to send it in. If all your assignments are not completed, you will not receive your certificate of completion of the chosen course.

The course is open and valid for 6 months only. During these months you are required to send in your assignments and support from your trainer is available. Once the course expires it can be extended for additional cost.


Purchasing the course:

  • Select the online course.
  • Select payment method
  • During registration you will be required to provide a detailed address and a valid mobile phone number.
  • You will receive your agreement and must sign it.
  • Your account will be activated in 48 hours after payment for course is received. After activation we will send you an email with all needed information.
  • Log in and start the course.


Course Curriculum

No curriculum found !
  • 790.00 474.00 VAT incl.
  • 6 months
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