Elite Beauty Academy is one of the most experienced and world renown beauty academies. It's known for two famous brands - Elite Microblading and Dermoplasma.

For the last 5 years, our courses have been held all across the world and we have had over 3000 students.

Combining highly professional and experienced staff with cutting-edge technology and equipment ensures the best possible results. We follow and introduce the latest trends in the field of the beauty industry and so form a coherent team that delivers the best training available to our students.


Our trainers check each submitted assignment and provide feedback for our students. Only assignments that meet our requirements will be approved.


Ideal for people who want to learn while working and having a family. The only requirement is a working internet connection.


Assigned to each students individually. Always available for questions and help – our students receive answers in 48 hours or less.


Access to our ONLINE LEARNING PLATFORM that will help you step by step towards your future success!


Certificate of attendance and final certificate – to prove credibility to your clients


With every procedure, you perform, you can earn up to 300GBP!


With our experiences, we have identified where our students have had the most problems during and after our course. We have seen how some students do not advance in their skills after the course as fast as they should and because of that, we have decided to develop our own online platform to help our students with the problems and challenges they face.

Our online courses are designed in a way that helps our students’ progress in their ability, knowledge and drawing skills. Students can be in constant contact with our trainers that help them achieve the best possible results in their work and maximum satisfaction from their customers.

We bring training into your living room or into your salon and enable constant support and guidance by our trainers.


  • MeMo Irani
    ميكروبلادينگ يكي از قشنگترين كارهايي بود كه واقعا دوست داشتم ياد بگيرم و انجامش بدم . تنها جاي معتبر براي يادگيريِ اين حرفه Elite Academy بود. به محض اينكه شروع كلاس إعلام شد خيلي سريع ثبت نام كردم و زير نظر اساتيد مجرب و متخصص Maja و Bojan اين كلاس رو گذروندم. محيط كلاس خيلي دوستانه و صميمي بود. اساتيد خيلي دلسوزانه و صبورانه اين حرفه رو به ما آموزش دادند و با دقتِ تمام كارهاي تمريني ما رو إصلاح ميكردن . Elite Academy رو به هر كسي كه دوست داره اين حرفه رو ياد بگيره پيشنهاد ميدم . در نهايت از هر دو استاد عزيزم Maja و Bojan تشكر و قدرداني ميكنم كه با صبوري ، مهرباني و انرژي مثبتِ تمام اين حرفه رو به من آموزش دادند
    MeMo Irani
  • Cressida Gifford
    Just completed my training course with Bojan and Maja and I can’t praise them enough. From start to finish was fantastic. I was given the warmest welcome and put at ease immediately. Maja started the training course and shared her amazing product knowledge and years of one on one experience with clients (good and bad). She was very engaging and so clear in explaining the treatments from start to finish. Bojan did more of the practical training and I can only describe him as an artist. Truly amazing at what they do. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough. The kit is beautiful and very high quality. I’m so pleased I found them as my trainers.
    Cressida Gifford
  • Emma Victoria Forster
    I had a really great time with Bojan and Maja on the Carlisle training course. Maja began the course with a greatly informative presentation on microblading, covering all the questions I had wanted to ask without me having to. She was so thorough and detailed and made it easy to learn. I found practicing on the fake skins to be challenging at first but the support from both lovely trainers was so great that by the end of the day I felt a lot more confident. Bojan was fantastic at carrying out the live microblading on day 2 and explained each step of the process in great detail. When it came to me microblading my model he made us both feel at ease and the whole process was really educational and insightful with lots of laughs! For anyone wondering if this course if for them, if you learn fast and are willing to put in the practice then it definitely is. You leave with a great knowledge of the microblading process and a beautiful, professional starter kit. I’m so pleased I chose this course and felt that it was perfect for me.
    Emma Victoria Forster
  • Jackie Brown
    Just finished the microblading course & have to say I loved it. Maja & Bojan are very professional, very experienced, very talented educators & really help you throughout the whole course. This microblading course is amazing & intense but guidance & reassurance is present from these educators from start to finish! And Greta who has reassured me she is only at the end of a phone call, email, FaceTime etc for after advice, help etc. Cannot recommend this course enough 5* thank you guys, really looking forward to my microblading journey xXx
    Jackie Brown
  • JP Smith
    Thank you Bojan and Maja for this weekend of intensive training. Absolutely fantastic trainers and really made me feel as though, with a lot of practice, I could actually become a competent microblader!! I know I have a long way to go but your experience and guidance was exceptional. I have done alot of training this year and as an experienced trainer myself, I can honestly say you guys excel in every way possible and didnt dissapoint. Cant recommend Elite enough for anyone wishing to learn from the best. I did my research and so glad I chose this academy. My expectations were well and truly surpassed-jill �� xxx
    JP Smith
  • Kim Doan

    A big thank to Elite Microblading. I am so overwhelmed with the professional and the quality of the course. Special shout out and thanks to Maja and Bojan for your attentive guidance. I have learnt a lot and I can not wait to be qualified.

    I highly recommend Elite Microblading Academy to anyone who is interested to become an eyebrow artist.

    Kim Doan
  • Lizzle Harper
    This course is worth every single penny. Maja and Bojan are absolutely incredible. They make you feel totally at ease throughout and I couldn’t believe how in depth the course was. They fill you with confidence and guide you through every step.
    Lizzle Harper


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email. You can also check our social media profiles and contact us there.